By Magical Unicorn 🦄!

After some work days, Logger is now publicly released. For more information about what's and why Logger, I let you read About page. You can also look Changelog page to always be up to date about what's new on website.

Anything planned?


Some articles are already planned, in most part about Mi Bands.

I (Magical Unicorn) don't planned publish articles periodically, I do it on my free time and I only want provide good content. So you won't find things already shared in all news websites (and copied again and again...) here. There can be two news articles in one day like nothing new during some weeks :).

At end of each article there is a comment part provided by Disqus. You're free to post comment(s). By the way, Logger is free to delete any inappropriate comment.


Logger have a Telegram channel. You can join it to know when a new article is available on website and when there is a website update (new functionnalities, modification...).

About Telegram group, maybe one will be created in future. For now there is no use to have one.


You contact Logger at contact@logger.fr.

Please only contact Logger if you find a website problem or have a real ask related to the website.

Please don't contact for ask related to GeekDoing.