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Magical Unicorn

What's Logger?

Logger is a website created by Magical Unicorn. To be more precise, it's a "simple" Wordpress website, with theme fully created by Magical Unicorn.

All content (leaks, news, tutorials…) shared here is and will (normally) always be in English (for more information please read Magical Unicorn author's page).

To put it simply, Logger it's an International website where you can find a little bit of everything, fully for free and without any ads.

Why Logger?

I (Magical Unicorn) am passionate about computer science, I like to learn and share my findings, my works and my knowledges. I already share many things about Mi Bands since some years on GeekDoing (and will continue), but GeekDoing is a forum specialized in Mi Bands, not a website about computer science in general, so I created Logger to be able to share whatever that I want.

What about money?

That's right there is cost for server and domain name (approximatly 100$ per year). However I (Magical Unicorn) won't add ads. I personally dislike ads in websites when I visit them, that's not to add ones in mine. I will also do not ask donation, I'm happy share and happy if you're happy with what I share, it's the only important things for me :).

What about author(s) recruitment?

Logger doesn't recruit.

It's unnecessary contact Logger to ask become author.

Because life is better with Unicorns 🦄!