Bari is the capital city of the Metropolitan City of Bari and of the Apulia region, on the Adriatic Sea, southern Italy (Wikipedia).

Mi Band 7 was released a few weeks ago, and there is already a new smartband coming. This upcoming device isn't another Mi Band but an Amazfit Band, with "Bari" as codename. There already was an Amazfit Band in addition to an Mi Band two years ago (Mi Band 5 (Kongming) & Amazfit Band 5 (York)), so that's not really surprising. Unlike Mi Band 7 leak, this time I will share all information found in Zepp application (6.9.7-play version).

Before start, a small precision about device name: if Huami does like two years ago by naming it as the Mi Band version released the same year, it will be Amazfit Band 7. Currently, the device has no name in Zepp application code, but one thing is sure, it's an Amazfit Band.


Picture - Device

This picture maybe remember you another smartband. If so, that's normal, this new Amazfit Band look like Redmi Smart Band Pro.


This code picture (which may seem strange and incomprehensible) contains an interesting information, the screen size: 194px*368px ("0xc2" is "194" in hexadecimal, and "0x170" is "368").

Besides looking like Redmi Smart Band Pro, this new device have same screen size, so you can get an idea about device appearance by looking the already released Redmi Smart Band Pro.


From, we can see there is a Huami smartband added few days ago (2022.06.10) with for model name "A2177". Sadly, we can't confirm if this model name is the one of "Bari" codename in Zepp application code. The only model name that we can get in application code is the one of "Bari NFC" codename, "A2283".


In addition to "Bari" and "Bari NFC", there is one other codename for this Amazfit Band: "Bari W".

To get back to FCC ID, we can get an interesting information from test report.

Battery capacity is 232mAh, more than Mi Band 7 with 180mAh, and more than Redmi Smart Band Pro with 200mAh.

Configuration file

From device configuration file in Zepp (smali_classes19/com/xiaomi/hm/health/device/deviceconfig/configs/MiliBari.smali), we can discover many things about the device, like the fact that it's a smartband.

With "->img_miband:I" and "device/HMMiLiProDevice;", it confirms that this device is a smartband and not a smartwatch.

I'm not going to put all the the device features here because it will be long and uninteresting, but there are some that will surely interest you.

Code - Zepp OS

As we could hope, this device will work with "Zepp OS", like all upcoming Huami smartbands and smartwatches (excepted new variants of older devices that doesn't work with Zepp OS, like Amazfit GTR 2L).

Like Mi Band 7, password feature which disappeared after Mi Band 4 and came back with Mi Band 7 will also be available with this device. This feature permit lock device using a password composed by six digits.

As you can see, from device configuration file there is "SUPPORT_GPS" feature, which means GPS included!

By the way, don't take this information (or any other from article) as a sure and definitive information. Until the device is officially announced, nothing is definitive and anything can be modified.


To talk a bit about current rumors, there is lot of articles about a Mi Band 7 Pro, possibly with GPS included.

There is a total of seven Mi Band 7 versions, that are L66(CN), L66 AP(Taiwan), L66 I (International), L66 IN (India), L66 NFC(CN NFC), L66 NFC I (International NFC) and L66 WE(Western Europe). Currently, four of this versions are released (L66, L66 AP, L66 I and L66 NFC), and one other will surely be released shortly (L66 WE). As you can see, there is no "PRO" codename.

In addition, there is nothing about a Mi Band 7 Pro in Zepp and Zepp Life applications.

With all this information, two assumptions can be made, the first is that Mi Band 7 Pro will be added later in the app, shortly before the announcement / release, the second is that this expected Mi Band 7 Pro is this upcoming Amazfit Band.


If the Huami smartband found from FCC ID website is this new Amazfit Band, the higher battery capacity than Mi Band 7 and Redmi Smart Band Pro ones seems logical with GPS included. Also, in addition to the use of password on device, we can hope features such as AOD (Always on Display) and Smart Alarm that are present with Mi Band 7. And as written above, until the device is officially announced, nothing is definitive and anything can be modified.

By the way, please don't "forget" add link to this article if you share it in part or fully somewhere.